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he tutorial shows us how we can mix beverage ingredients to create our favorite drinks using basic bartending tools.

PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality is often among other trending technologies not only for business applications but also for entertainment. 

PlayStation VR is a good example — and its video tutorial is amazing.

The main takeaways here are the pace, which seems like slow-motion, and the smartly inserted action scenes

The first helps users follow the instructions while watching the tutorial (if they have already bought the

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Besides that, we can do the process by ourselves. Once you are logged in, Canva takes you to a quick journey of creating your own design by choosing the template, what you want to design, etc.

Notice that aesthetics plays a main role here. Your brand needs to show its identity in your videos, but assure they’re educational, easy to understand, and pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Did you like Canva’s strategy? So let’s talk about some other cases you should take as references.

How are successful companies already doing it?
Some of the most successful marketing campaigns know how to use product tutorials to do more than just demonstrating their assets — they create differentials, expanding the possibilities. Want an example? Here it is.


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